Know these before creating a web copy for your website for better results

Know these before creating a web copy for your website for better results

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The web design and development and web content are very much like needle and thread. You can’t receive the maximum results if one of these things happen to be low in quality.

The quality of a website is a topic for another day. But in this post, I’ll show what a good web content looks is like and what are the important things you should understand before creating content for your website.

Let’s dive in!

Why web content need more attention?

When done right web content in your business website can influence your buyer’s decision-making process in a great deal. Just think about a time you hire a service which you came to know from their website.

Is that the years of experience, nice images, clutter-free website or that feeling of ‘this company looks good’ make you choose that service over the others?

Or this that the words that convey you that, that particular company looks good.

What should you know before creating content for your business website?

Online marketing is a still a bit new and less aware topic to Sri Lanka and on the other hand, you are a business owner, not a web designer or a digital marketer. So, here are few things you should know before creating content for your Sri Lanka business website.


1.The importance of a good web content

If you don’t know the value you receive for your business with your web content, you won’t see the value of investing in hiring a good web content writer. Hiring the cheapest writer thinking that anyone can write might lead you to rewrite the entire web content of your website which will cost you extra.

So, make sure to consult someone who is aware of web content such as a digital marketing agency or your web designer before you hiring a writer in Sri Lanka and have a good knowledge about how a powerful web copy can increase your sales.


2.Brand personality

Your website is your virtual face and web content is your virtual voice. So, your business’s values, personality and brand should reflect through your website and web content.

Take a minute and figure out what your brand personality is and your business values you want your market to know are and make sure to reflect those characteristics through your web content. It’s all about being unique and standing out from the rest of your competitors.


3.Make sure your web content addresses your potential market’s questions

When your website addresses the pain points of your potential market, it’s more than enough for them to fall in love with your brand at the first sight. Because your potential market understands that you know their biggest concerns and have solutions for their unsolved problems.

For an example, let’s assume that you are a mattress brand.  Instead of using ‘high-quality mattress’ use something like ‘we guarantee you the comfort sleep you’ve been dreaming for a long time free of back pains.’ It’s less robotic and more realistic sentence that gives your market that this product is exactly the solution for their back pain.

What a good web content looks like?

  • A good web content should,
  • Free of grammatical and punctuation errors.
  • Well-optimized for the SEO by using keywords appropriately.
  • Plagiarism-free (For this there are a lot of tools you can find online.)
  • Easy to understand.
  • Created especially for your target market.


Creating quality content for your website is simple if you know how a good web content looks like and how to hire a good web content writer in Sri Lanka. In order to get the best results out of your website make sure to include an effective web content in your Sri Lanka business website.

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