social media content creation in sri lanka

Complete Guide to Outsourcing Social Media Content Creation in Sri Lanka

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Marketers typically outsource social media content creation in Sri Lanka once they accept they don’t have the talent or time in-house to produce content meeting their quality, volume, or scale goals.

The following guide will assist you in getting started with content creation outsourcing to attain the best outcomes.

Social Media content creation in Sri Lanka

Regardless of how thought-out your strategy is or how much buy-in and budget you get, the success of your social media content marketing program depends on a single, vital component: having the skilled people to execute it.

Some of the top outsourced social media content creation tasks in Sri Lanka are – writing, editing, production, project management, video creation, etc.

Hiring experienced content writers & creators can be the key to an efficient content marketing plan for both small and large enterprises. Of course, this is oftentimes easier said than done.

Why Outsource Social Media content creation in Sri Lanka?

1. Give you more time to work on important business activities

One of the most common reasons for outsourcing content development is that you just do not have the time to do it yourself.

Brainstorming ideas, writing, designing and publication of social media content can be a full-time job itself.

And that’s before you even consider other important content marketing responsibilities like developing strategy, social media promotions and campaigns.

Stick to the business operations where you excel and delegate social media content creation to a specialist. You will not only get superior quality content but peace of mind.

2. Enable a simple and easy content creation process

When you have a specialist in social media content creation in Sri Lanka, you can order and sit back and relax as they will take care of everything from ideation, planning, designing to delivery.

All you have to do is ready to review and publish. No supervision or project management required.

3. Help you easily stick to your posting schedule

It takes time to research, create, and promote good content.

Meaning more clients you have more writers, designers and content creators you will need – if you wish to publish creative and effective content more often without sacrificing quality.

This is where outsourcing may truly help you scale up because you can outsource as much content as you need without any hassle.

4. Outsourcing social media content creation in Sri Lanka is cheaper

With content outsourcing, you are just paying for the content that you order.

You will not be responsible for providing a fixed monthly salary to your copywriters, graphic designers, and video creators or repairing their laptops when they break.

Outsourced content is created by self-employed individuals or small agencies, thus making it a considerably more cost-effective alternative for most firms.

4. More flexible option

Outsourcing is a more flexible solution because you may employ more people as needed to produce more posts.

If you believe the quality of a certain client’s content has dropped, or if you want to experiment with a different tone of voice or writing style, you can outsource to a different writer.

It allows you to scale back when necessary while also smoothly and simply scaling up your production as your firm grows.

5. Fast and Effective service

Say there’s something topical or time-sensitive that comes up in your industry and you want some content to comment on.

You can outsource your job and receive it back in a few hours instead of hurrying and trying to put something together while juggling other crucial company responsibilities.

6.Fresh ideas and varied viewpoints

It is also simple to lose excitement when you write about a subject every day, which will happen to you.

Writers and other content creators have probably worked with multiple different customers and can bring new ideas, concepts and approaches that you may have never considered with their experience.

They are also aware of current trends in content marketing or can predict trends in your business and generate fresh content ideas that the audience would love.

Get started with Outsourcing Social Media Content Creation in Sri Lanka

So you know that you need the help of a social media content creation service in Sri Lanka. And you are ready to get started! However, just having the desire isn’t enough. You also need a plan to find and hire the right content creators.

The following 5 steps will help.

Step 1 – Identify Your Goals

What kind of content do you need them to create? How many clients do you have?

Determine the topics, platforms and formats needed for your client.

Will they have to do any research? Do you want to make and edit video stories?

Is there anything they can use as a reference? Are you looking for a long term partnership?

Step 2- Set Parameters for Outsourcing

Aside from your goals, it is also beneficial to understand some of the parameters of what you are looking for.

Your budget is maybe the most crucial of these. In terms of budget, each project and client has various demands and expectations.

But always remember that you generally get what you pay for.

Consider your timeliness expectations in addition to your budget.  

How often will you need them to deliver new content? Do you work with tight deadlines? Will there be a schedule?

Some teams prefer to work at breakneck speed, while others prefer a more leisurely pace. Also, keep in mind that a faster turnaround is usually more expensive.

Step 3- Agency or Freelancer?

When you are looking for someone to outsource social media content creation in Sri Lanka, there are 2 options. Content creation service or a freelancer.


There are many reasons to select a content creation service or agency over a freelancer.

Multiple Talent:

An agency has a team full of experienced creators. Meaning whether one is ill or on vacation, you will not have to wait for your stuff.

On the other hand, if one person leaves the agency for a new job, you won’t have to resume the hunt from scratch. In brief, with them, you get a much more reliable service.

Organized Process:

With a professional content creation service, you experienced a more organized process of work. They have a streamlined process for receiving content briefs, planning, creating and submitting content.

Easy to Work With:

They know what they are doing, and they know how to work with a range of clientele, from small businesses to large organizations.

Thus you will receive a more seamless service to meet your clients and your expectations.

Hiring an individual may be preferable in some instances. They may be less expensive, and you will be able to cultivate a more personal relationship.

However, for many businesses of all sizes, the support of an agency is worthwhile in many ways.

Step 4 – Get Samples

Reach out to people who do social media content creation in Sri Lanka and ask for samples.

Obtaining one or more content samples should be the final step in picking a social media content creation outsourcing partner. This is the most effective method of assessing the work.

You can also look at their portfolio and client testimonials.

If you want to be even more sure, test run with them with some small tasks, so you can get a better idea of not just their work, but how they work and communicate.

Step 5- Vetting your candidates

Professional content creators might come from various backgrounds, including marketing, copywriting, designing, journalism and more.

While many creators have a versatile skill set that allows them to compose almost any form of content, others struggle with tasks too far outside their speciality areas.

So, the quality of writing shouldn’t be the only factor to consider when selecting your creator.

Look for the following characteristics in your candidates to find someone who can work well under your conditions:

Relevant content production abilities: Do they have prior experience writing in the style or format you require? Are their history and training appropriate for your needs (for example, can ad copywriters modify their voice to generate compelling stories.)

Technical and tactical knowledge: Do they know the social media platforms you need content for? Do they know how to optimize copy for a specific audience? Are they aware of how to properly verify and fact-check their sources and attribute information/images they may reference or reuse from other sources?

Adaptability: Can they handle various writing jobs, or do they like to specialize in one form of content? Can they handle numerous tasks at the same time? Can they quickly shift gears while writing for a different readership or in a different tone?

Subject matter knowledge: How well do they understand your industry – lexicon/jargon, pertinent trends and concerns, and the major players? Do they have any contacts they can call on when they have a story idea?

Audience Insights: Have they written for a similar readership to yours? Do they understand their customer’s pain points, preferences, and areas of interest?

Are you ready to outsource?

After selecting the content creators to outsource their content, one of the most common mistakes marketers make is not equipping them with the tools and guidelines for the project before getting started.

This causes them to end up in frustration with poor performance and a lot of revisions.

Following are the 3 most important tools to share with your content writers/creators before you begin.

Documented content marketing plan -Share important data about your content objective, target audience, and brand story with everyone involved in the project.

Editorial strategy – Include information about your brand’s desired style and tone of voice, content quality criteria, and governance methods.

Communication plan – Access to relevant team members contact information with a communication plan.

Social Media Content Creation in Sri Lanka

Working with a freelance writer or content creation agency is the best way to produce quality content for a lower cost without hassle.

Snappy Script can assist you in successfully outsourcing content generation with a team of expert writers and content creators. If you have plans to outsource your content creation, contact us for more information.

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