Ask Before Hire | 20 Questions For Your Web Design Company in Sri Lanka

Ask Before Hire | 20 Questions For Your Web Design Company in Sri Lanka

20 Questions For Your Web Design Company in Sri Lanka

Having a website for your company is not a luxury anymore but an essential marketing tool every business should have.

If you are also planning to build or redesign your website, here are 20 questions to ask from your web design company in Sri Lanka before you hire them.

In this high-tech world, just having a nice building is not enough to compete for your customers.

No website for your business!

Then, it won’t be cheese and crackers for you to compete with your competitors out there for customers.

The best thing about having a website for your business is that it not just becomes another marketing asset in selling your products -but adds more frosting and sprinkles to your brand.

A website for a business is its online store, brand ambassador, sales team and also its lead generation machine.

Things to consider when developing a website for your business

  • Do your research
    Do your homework before you start, especially if you are designing your first website. Check how your competitors manage their sites and think of a way to be more innovative than the rest.
  • Highlight your focus
    What do you expect from developing a website for your company? Is it just to display your products/ services to attract clients to visit your shop? Do you want to encourage them for online ordering? Or is it just to show your clients your existence in the digital world? Choose your pick and focus on developing a website according to your aim.
  • Match your webpage with your customers
    Consider what your target audience wants, what do they expect from a brand like you. Monitor their digital habits, behaviours, preferences. This will help you to create the perfect design and content for your website that resonates with your target audience.
  • Get a helping hand
    You are an expert in your field. But that field is not web designing. This is when you should start seeking the help of the experts in the field. Hiring a professional web designer in Sri Lanka will make the process easy. Because now you have an expert on board. So you don’t have to worry about hosting, learning codes, selecting templates, creating content and more. A web design company in Sri Lanka will help you make your website look more professional. Plus, there hardly will be any technical errors for you to put up with.

Why hire a web design company in Sri Lanka to do your website?

Let’s be honest. You don’t know anything about web development.

Why your need a website in Sri Lanka

Yes, they say that now anyone can build a website these days with WordPress and stuff. But do you have the time to research and study how WordPress works and figure out everything from hosting, plugins, widgets to SEO?

Even if you have time, do you have the knowledge on what makes a website more user-friendly, what colours bring out your message well, best areas to place buttons to increase click-through rate, what images and words can seduce your visitors?

No? That’s what we thought too.

For those who are still not convinced, we listed some of the benefits of hiring a web design company in Sri Lanka below.

Advantages of Hiring a Web Designer in Sri Lanka

  • You can have a high-quality website.
  • Saves your time and money
  • Get a professional work done
  • Can have a second opinion about your ideas at the hands of a professional
  • Get an online strategy for your online presence.

20 Questions to ask before you hire a web design company in Sri Lanka

Web designer in Sri Lanka

Web design in Sri Lanka has become one of the latest trends in digital marketing.

There are a lot of well-qualified web design companies in Sri Lanka as well as newbies. So, make sure that you use the aid of a leading web development agency in Sri Lanka to get proper professional assistance.

Here are some questions you must ask from your choice of web design company in Sri Lanka before you take your hiring decision.

1. How long has your firm been in business?

The portfolio of a company plays a huge role when it comes to choosing a trustworthy web design company in Sri Lanka. Let’s not forget the fact that the more experience the company have increases your chances of getting the best outcome.

2. What tools and technologies you’ll be using to develop my site?

Digital world updates in every second and, new tools, technologies are coming to the market rapidly. So, do not forget to ask your web designer what tools and technologies they use to create your site.

Before you go for the discussion get yourself familiar with the techs and tools. So it will be easy for you to understand what your web designer is talking about.

3. How do you price your services?

Sri Lanka web design Price

This is where you must outline your budget with the cost. Do a bit of a research to make sure that you are not hiring a gold digger.

Ask your web developing company in Sri Lanka about their pricing structure. Make sure what you pay includes what you need. Also learn about the billing for extras, after services and tech support costs.

4. What are your credentials or qualifications?

How well does your web developer know about what he/she is doing? Is he/she a pro or a newbie to the field?

Make sure you do a proper research about the credentials of your web developer. Do not think twice to ask about their qualifications in web designing; even if you are hiring a leading web development agency in Sri Lanka with higher customer ratings.

5. Can I see your previous work?

Yes, you must always get some sample work before you digest it fully. So do not forget to check the previous work of your choice of web design company in Sri Lanka.

This way you can check the depth of their design, how well they perform when it comes to meeting the client’s requirements, how modern and crafty is their work and how do they attend to the details…etc. The plus one is you might get fresh ideas for your website from their previous work.

6. Do you build the site to be mobile responsive (mobile friendly)?

Sri Lanka web design responsive

At present, it is very important to build a website that is responsive on mobile devices to reach more potential customers. Websites that are responsive to mobile devices generate the second most business for companies at present.

Make sure that your website is responsive on all sorts of devices such as smartphones, tablets and other devices. Because the more responsive and user-friendly your site is, the more you attract many clients.

7. What is your design process is like?

Request the design process from your web developer to rationalizes work. Keep a record of the promised deadlines for important deliverables to avoid delays in launching your website.

8. Do you offer content writing services?

Most of the web design companies only tend to offer the basic website development option. However, a brilliant web design alone can’t sell your products and services in the digital world.

That’s why you need good web content for your website. Web content acts as your online sales representative and helps you sell your products or services online. Plus it will help you with your SEO too.

Be aware as some companies just copy paste content from other competitor’s website with a few tweaks-Which is not good for the SEO and for your brand image as it is a duplicate which shows the incapability of the company to express themselves in an authentic way to the viewer.

So, it is best to know in advance if the website designing company also creates unique content you desire as well, that way you don’t have to waste your time service for a website content writer in Sri Lanka.

In case your chosen web design company in Sri Lanka doesn’t offer content writing services… No worries, we can help you!

At Snappy Script, All that we do is, creating unique web content that helps you sell more. Don’t just trust our words. Check out our testimonial from our clients.

Content Writer in Sri Lanka

9. What will you be doing to keep my site secure?

Security of the information is a topmost important aspect when designing a website. If the web design company in Sri Lanka you select does not have a good back-end security system, the vital information you possess could end up in your competitors’ hand.

10. What services included in what I pay for? And What’s not

Always you must know your package.

So, get a list of deliverable that is included in the price you pay for. That way you know what your package includes. This will help you understand what exactly you are paying for, what do you really need and what are the additional charges needed to be paid…

11. What is the billing procedure for work outside the project’s initial quote or agreed upon deliverables?

Once your website starts to get in to shape, you might want to add more features which weren’t included in your list of paying. But you will be in the safe side of your budget if you know how much that extra billing will cost you.

12. What SEO features/fundamentals will be included on my website?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is what helps your website appear higher on the search results or relevant search queries.

So basically, if you optimized your website for search engines well, people who search words or phrases related to your business have a higher chance to see your website. Meaning more organic traffic(For free) to your website and more sales.

Find out what Search Engine Optimization features your choice of web design company offers.

A few of the SEO features a good web design company in Sri Lanka will implement are; The ability to customize tags, URLs and meta descriptions, A well-optimized URL structure and 301 redirects, Mobile customization… etc.

13. How will the website convert visitors?

One of the main aspects of having a website is to expand your existing client base.

That means the visitor who visits your website must not just leave after having a peek at it. Your website must be able to get your visitor wanting to explore more, to contact you or to reach your shop/ to purchase your products and services.

All these depend on how your website is presented on the internet.

Feel free to ask your selected web design company in Sri Lanka how they will design your web page to convert visitors, how do they focus on attracting qualified traffic, what strategies they use to provide a great UX, do they show Calls-to-Action on every page… etc.

14. How do you measure the results?

ROI is important in everything.

Ask how your web developer measure the results of the web design.

This gives a chance for them to expand their stars as well as for you to find out how you can measure ROI of your website.

15. What is your estimated timeline to build this site?

Most of the web design companies in Sri Lanka do their best to deliver as they promised.

To scoop things up in the right time tracking, you must deliver all the support and information necessary without a delay from your end. This way there will be no delay from your end. Make sure to discuss the outcome of not meeting the deadline from developers end and keep the upper hand in this discussion to your side.

16. What are your Aftersales services looks like?

The company you acquire for web design services should be able to provide after sales service without any disruptions. A small glitch can cause huge losses for a business.

So do not forget to find out the billing process for the after services and tech support. Also, make sure the FOC after service time lasts for a longer period before starting the billing.

17. Do you offer on-going maintenance after my site goes live? How do they cost like?

Technology gets updates. And new trends appear fast. Thus, you also need to update your web page, its content, to keep up with the trends.

Find out what are the maintenance services your web designer offer and how they are provided. Ask how much it cost to keep your website updated.

18. What happens if I don’t like the initial design?

Usually, the project agreements of web development companies provide the facility of unlimited changes during a short time of time or a specific number of revisions.

Discuss with your choice of web design company in Sri Lanka regarding their policies of such revisions and see how flexible they can be.

19. What do you need from me to get started?

Yes, you have your part as well.

The basic materials you must provide are;

  • Your business goals with the website (such as whether you want to sell products online or whether you want to give more awareness about your company to attract customers to your store or office etc.)
  • What is your brand like
  • What kind of designing ideas you have for the website
  • What are your requirements
  • Budget
  • Services/ products
  • Special requirementS
  • Company profile…etc.

20. What is your policy regarding building websites for my competitors?

This can both be a good and bad question. Make sure that the company you choose to develop your website follows a good set of rules regarding client confidentiality. So, you are assured that your secrets are not be passed out to your potential competitors.

Content Writer in Sri Lanka

Bonus Tip: Consider the Location

When it comes to designing a website one of your main concerns should be about how easy is to reach to your developer. Hiring a web development company near your office can do a tremendous help during your web designing process.

A one nearby enables easy communication and collaborations between the designer and your team. Thus, face to face meeting will be easy; decision making will be fast and top of all you will be able to pay quick visits to web designers place to see the process and get updates.


Selecting a web design company in Sri Lanka for your next project should be done not just by considering the budget, but also important variables like the quality of their work, package inclusions, after sales services, technical support, online strategy..etc.

Keep the above 20 questions in mind when you are reaching out a web designer to get the best results for your investment.

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