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How Much Do Content Writers Charge in Sri Lanka?

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Content marketing success comes with a lot of content, and good content doesn’t come cheap. So everyone is looking to get the best bank for the buck. 

Budget is a huge factor for many companies out there when hiring content writers.

This article looks at different hiring options, rates and fees of content writers in Sri Lanka, and pricing structures to help you prepare your budget. 

In this article, we cover ….

1. Understand Different Content Writer Hiring Options

  • 1.1. Option 1 – Work with freelance content writers
  • 1.2. Option 2 – Hire a content-writing service
  • 1.3. Option 3 – Hire an in-house writer

2. How Much Do Content Writers Charge in Sri Lanka?

  • 2.1.Factors that affect content writing charges
  • 2.2.Content Writer Pricing Models

3. 3 Important Tips to Know About Content Writer Pricing

4. In-house Content Writer Salary in Sri Lanka

5. How does Snappy Script Charge for Content Writing?

Understand Different Content Writer Hiring Options

The importance of content writing for a brand is evident more than ever – And good content happens with the skills of great content writers

Finding the right person for the job starts with understanding the type of content writing service you need. For example, you can’t expect a good web copy from an article writer.

Once you identify the service you require, the next step is to figure out the best hiring option for your situation, which affects the pricing. 

Usually, there are 3 options to choose from, whether you are a company or a digital marketing agency.

  • Option 1 – Work with freelance content writers
  • Option 2 – Hire a content-writing service
  • Option 3 – Hire an in-house writer

Option 1 – Work with freelance content writers

Freelancers are the best option to create content at an affordable cost. You can find freelance content writers in Sri Lanka on Upwork, Fiverr or Facebook groups. Be sure that the freelance content writer you are hiring has the skills. 


  • Flexible
  • Affordable 
  • Easy to hire and easy to work with
  • Some freelance writers come with industry expertise


  • Sometimes they could disappear.(Yes, those things happen) 
  • Often offer only a few services and thus might not be able to help you with creating different types of content you need.
  • Lower the rates, lower the quality and the skillset.
  • Maintaining a consistent relationship might not always be possible as freelancers juggle many clients simultaneously.

Option 2 – Hire a content-writing service

When you get into content marketing, you will need different types of content writing services to create different types of content. Writing agencies offer a wide range of services and have the capacity to handle any project of any size.


  • Can receive a comprehensive content-writing solution
  • They are more reliable.
  • Can scale easily as they can handle large projects and many clients at once.
  • Access to a team of writers, editors and SEO experts and tools.
  • More streamlined service process
  • Wider industry expertise


  • Expensive than freelancers
  • Involves high risks and commitment

Option 3 – Hire an in-house writer

In-house is a full-time employee who works on a task schedule provided by the company. 


  • Efficient and fast revisions as they work regular office hours with the rest of the team. 
  • Easy communication and collaboration. 
  • Can easily maintain a steady writing voice and style. 


  • Need to pay a monthly salary, allowance and other benefits.
  • Hiring and infrastructure costs involved (workspace, laptops etc.)
  • Lack of enough work to give in-house content writers can affect the return on the hire. 

How Much Do Content Writers Charge in Sri Lanka?

First, keep in mind that the content writing service industry in Sri Lanka does not have fixed prices. Charges can vary from writer to writer and job to assignment.

However, the following is a rough estimate of what you can expect to pay for different types of content.

  • Blog Posts: LKR 2,000 – LKR 10,000 per 500-1000 words
  • Website Content: LKR 5,000 – LKR 10,000 per page
  • Product Descriptions: LKR 500 – LKR 2,000 per product
  • Social Media Posts: LKR 100 – LKR 500 per post

If you are wondering why these price ranges are pretty wide— It’s because there are many factors that affect these rates.

Factors that affect content writing charges

Charges for content writing in Sri Lanka are calculated considering many factors, which include… 

  • Length of the content
  • Researching required 
  • Type of content 
  • SEO optimization
  • Tools used 
  • Added services 

Content Writer Pricing Models

Mainly writing services and freelance content writers use 4 pricing models. They are

1. Per word

2. Per piece

3. Project flat rate

4. Retainer model

Per Word

Usually, the rate can vary from 50 cents to 10 rupees or even 15 rupees per word. The rate depends on the writer, content requirement, research required, and the writer’s experience. 

Per Piece

Some writers charge their clients per piece. They will tell you the price for 500 words or 1000 words. This pricing model is mostly used by article writers. 

Project Flat Rate

A pre-agreed fee for a scope of work is used when using flat project pricing. This model enables companies to set budgets for the projects easily prior to starting the work.


Content writers in Sri Lanka usually use retainer arrangements for recurring work. For example, if the client needs a fixed number of blog articles every month for a specific length of time, the predetermined invoicing schedule will be used with predetermined fees. 

3 Important Tips to Know About Content Writer Pricing

Tip 1 – The amount of research required affects the pricing

The amount of research required is one of the main factors that affect the charges of a content writer. Some niches and topics require in-depth research, while some don’t.

For example, lifestyle niches such as fashion, food, health and wellness require less research when compared with complex niches such as technology and insurance.

The amount of research needed can also vary depending on the topic and length of the content as well. The longer and more in-depth the article, the more research it requires.

Tip 2 – Copywriting is more expensive than content writing.

Blogs, case studies, white papers and articles come under content writing. The content writer’s job is to research and organize the details and effectively present them. 

However, copywriting demands more creativity and skills. It is all about giving away your message effectively with the minimum number of words possible.

Copywriting includes tagline writing, ad copywriting, web copywriting etc. So, creativity, marketing and sales experience and the ability to articulate details are important.

Also, copywriters are experienced professionals and come at a higher price than content writers. 

Tip 3 – Highly experienced professional writers usually charge higher prices.

Quality comes at a price. As in any industry, you will find that more experienced writers charge higher rates.

Experienced writers will not just bring their writing skills to the table but their industry expertise and niche-specific knowledge. Usually, you can expect fewer revisions with such writers as they will understand your idea quickly with their experience. 

What is the Average Content Writer Salary in Sri Lanka?

The salary of content writers can depend on the company and the experience of the writer. Usually, the average salary of an in-house content writer with 2 years of experience will range between LKR 30000- LKR 40000. For writers with over 5 years of experience, salaries can range from LKR 50000 to LKR 90000.

How Snappy Script Charges for Content Writing?

At Snappy Script, we offer the best of both worlds of freelancing and a content writing service. We are a team of freelance writers who have taken things to the next level to ensure a wider range of services and more reliable solutions at reasonable rates.

With us, you get a one-stop solution for content creation.

Our pricing can range from 5 -18 rupees per word, depending on the type of content writing service you need. However, we work with all four pricing models mentioned above to deliver a flexible and fair price to our clients.

Take Away

Finding the right content writer that fits your project and budget is crucial for project success.

Whether you are hiring a freelancer, content writing service or an in-house writer, be sure to ask the right question before you hire them. So you can be sure that you are hiring the right person for the job.

Prepare your interview questions to ask your content writer beforehand. So you get a good idea about their background, skills, expertise and experience.

Once you select the writer, start with a well-planned onboarding process to give them a good idea of how your company works and your expectations for the projects and other responsibilities.

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