Importance of a Content Brief

Importance of a Content Brief for Content Writing

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Writing a superb blog post or any other type of content production becomes way easier when you have a content brief to assist you.

Think about it.

How many times have you been disappointed with a content writer because the content wasn’t what you expected? 

If you are still sending just the topic with some keywords to your content writer, it is no wonder that you feel like content creation is overwhelming, and there are no good writers. 

You know what you want your content to look like but not your writer —unless you get those ideas out of your mind and communicate them to your writing team. 

Whether you are working with in-house writers or freelance content writers, a good content brief is the best way to do it. 

A good content brief is an essential part of the content writing process. So let’s look at reasons that will convince you to use content briefs when you create content.

1. It Removes the Guesswork from Writing.

When you provide a content brief, you communicate your expectation clearly. From titles, subheadings, key points, word count to explanations and resources, you give them a clear picture of what your content should look like. 

This gives writers a clear direction to streamline their writing process, which means better quality content and no missed deadlines. 

1. Save Time

When there are no clear guidelines, back and forth revisions are unavoidable. And this takes time and effort —not just of your writers but yours as well as everyone involved in the content creation process.

Also, revisions can also make writers lose interest in completing their work. This can affect the quality of the final output.

Content briefs help writers get the idea correct on the first go. So you will only need minor revisions. 

1. Smoothly Flying Editorial Calendar

Fewer revisions mean you will have time to finalize your content leisurely and get it posted on the planned schedule. 

Also, the quicker you can finalize content with the writer, the less pressure is on the team members involved in the process after the written content is received. This includes graphic creations, article formatting for publishing, and content approval from management. 

1.Give You More Effective Content.

Gone are the days of publishing whatever you want.

Optimization is essential to see results with content marketing when there are hundreds of content published every day. Content optimization is not just content SEO; there’s more to it like,

Writing around user intent to keep everything around your audience.

Including keywords and focus topics to get some Google Love. 

Using a consistent writing style to maintain a brand tone.

Incorporating the brand voice to keep things on brand. 

Take Away

Giving your content writers clear instructions is the key to content success. A content brief may appear to be a lot of effort upfront for you or your creative team, but it truly pays off in the end.

The good news is when you work with us, you don’t have to worry about creating content briefs. We have experienced content marketers who will assist you create your content brief based on your marketing goals and audience and Google’s expectations and handle everything from writing to publishing.

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