What Is A Freelance Content Writer in Sri Lanka

What Is A Freelance Content Writer?

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A freelance content writer in Sri Lanka is a great option to produce content for your website, blog and social media at affordable rates.

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, a content writer who works on a freelance basis can add tremendous value to any project.

But who exactly is a freelance content writer, and what exactly do they do? To find out, keep reading.

Who Is A Freelance Content Writer?

A freelance content writer is a content writer who works for themselves. They often work on a project basis for companies and handle multiple clients at any given time.

Depending on their expertise, they can help you with web copies, articles, blog posts, emails, social media content, and more.

Benefits of Hiring A Freelance Content Writer

Can hire to fulfill project or short term business needs.

Cost-effective than hiring a full-time writer.

No recruitment risks.

Ability to work with less supervision.

Available at exceptionally short notice.

Offers a fresh perspective.

Industry expertise.

Responsibilities Of A Freelance Content Writer

Research, plan, write, edit, proofread content based on client’s requirements and to align with their brand strategy and voice.

Brainstorm and pitch content ideas to the client to achieve their marketing goals.

Work with marketing, SEO and design teams to optimize content.

Interview relevant stakeholders and industry experts, and team members to get relevant details to create content.

Revise the content written upon the client’s request.

How to Hire A Freelance Content Writer in
Sri Lanka?

Hiring the right professionals for the job is crucial for project success. Knowing the right way to find and hire a freelance content writer can make the process easy and effective.

Step 1

Start by defining your requirement and identifying what types of content writing services you need.

Step 2

Look for writers specialized in relevant areas. Ask for their experience, expertise, portfolio, availability, terms and conditions and delivery timelines.

Step 3

Collect rates and charges from the writer and also learn about how freelance content writers in Sri Lanka charges so you know what’s fair and what’s not.

Step 4

Check their freelance portfolio and samples to see if their writing skills match your expectations.

Step 5

Once you select the writer, assign a point of contact and work on a timeline and deadlines, communication plan, revision process and payment and invoicing plan.

How does a Good Freelance Content Writer's Portfolio Looks Like?

A good freelance portfolio is well-targeted to the writer’s area of speciality. It should be up to date and include recent samples ( at least more than 3) across different industries.

If they have articles published under their name, it’s always a plus. Reviews and testimonials from past clients should also be included.

Writing Skills Matters

A good freelance writer will have the ability to adapt to different writing styles easily.

When you check their portfolio, see if they have content done in different tones such as formal, creative, informal and conversational, etc. Also, know their experience in your field as different audiences should be addressed with different tones.


Finding a professional and skilled freelance content writer for your project will lead to easy relationships and quality content.

There are many qualities a good content writer should have, and a freelance content writer should have the best qualities of a writer and freelancer, which are

Writing skills


Good communication

Time management and organization


Ability to work with a team

 Researching skills





Websites To Find Content Writers in Sri Lanka

If you have a tight budget, the best place to look for writers is in freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork. Such platforms will feature local and international writers with a range of expertise.

However, freelancing sites do not have a good reputation for finding writers who deliver good quality.

For those who are quality concerned, you can try Snappy Script, which offers content writing services with a team of freelance content writers in Sri Lanka.

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