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What does it take to be a Great Content Writer?

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There are thousands of content writers out there by title, but only a few of them stand out, just like the content they deliver. Think you’ve got what it takes to be a professional content writer in Sri Lanka?

Get your mental checklist up and running; here are eight qualities all great content writers have in common.


Being confident about one’s material is what keeps the readers tuned in. Consumers are always in search of educating themselves on a certain topic, brand or product.


By looking forward to hearing from great content writers: ones that clearly know what they are talking about.


There can be times where you would have to go beyond your niche, creating content that you aren’t really familiar with. However, this shouldn’t worry you.

Great content writers are eager to pounce on any opportunity that helps them expand their borders. They make it a goal to gain confidence on the subject, once deemed beyond their niche, before attempting to have pen on paper.


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Readers love to dig into material beyond the ordinary. Despite regularly creating content on a particular subject, a great content writer will always find creative ways with words to make their content much more unique and engaging.

Their top priorities include introducing fresh perspectives and stepping things up a notch every-single-time!


Once handed over with a project, a great content writer has their methodical way of getting things done. It isn’t diving straight into the job at hand. They outline the key details of what the client demands, follow a solid research plan, dive into past analytics, get busy with creating content and scrutinize their work during their final edit, all before publishing it.


The first and final steps involve communicating with clients: receiving information on what needs to be done and feedback on what has been done. Whether it’s knowing the target or crunching the analytics of the employer’s website thus far, a great content writer never fails to maintain consistent communication with their partners and ensure that all ends meet.


Anyone would want to hire specialists over generalists. Well, not everyone out there is specialists in what they do. At the end of the day, the main goal is to create content that is SEO friendly. Amazing content is of no use if you cannot get it ranked on organic results, and that’s why you need SEO proficient individuals. They know the little secrets of making rank worthy content.


Great content writers are simply perfectionists, period. They spot errors and places for improvement in existing content with the greatest ease. You could tell them to review a blog or article, and they’ll always have ideas of addressing the key action in a much more compelling manner. With them, the perfect content isn’t far-fetched.


The last and most valuable quality of a great content writer is selflessness – treating every client’s brand or product like one of their own. Fueled by the passion of helping others generate healthy web traffic for their businesses, altruistic content writers are genuine and rare as it gets, undoubtedly worth hiring.

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