How to become a content writer in Sri Lanka?

How to Become a Content Writer in Sri Lanka?

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Becoming a freelance content writer in Sri Lanka is a wonderful work-from-home option and a good side hustle. And the demand for content writers is on the rise more than ever.

What more reasons do you want to try content writing and earn some cash.

Whether you would like to choose it as your full-time career or as part-time hustle, here are the best tips for becoming a content writer in Sri Lanka —Straight from a professional content writer.

What Do You Need to Become a Content Writer in Sri Lanka?

You must be able to write. You need to be able to turn a blank page into compelling content when faced with limited information. You should know how to take charge and organize details and thoughts and create an outline and plan things to create amazing content. 

You should be well aware of the skills a good content writer should have.

You must have a laptop or desktop, a good internet connection, email, Zoom and WhatsApp to work and communicate with your customers.

You should be able to easily adapt to different writing styles.

You need to build a strong portfolio to show your samples to your clients. This can be your own blog or guest postings.

You should be aware of social media, digital marketing, SEO, WordPress, HTML and CSS if you want to do this seriously.  

Types of Content Writing Jobs In Sri Lanka

There are different types of content writing services out there. So you can easily choose a content area that suits you based on your skills and offer your services around it. The most popular types of content writing jobs in Sri Lanka include,

Article Writer

Article writing has a lot of demand and companies in various industries are looking for article writers to help them with their blogs. 

Sinhala Article Writer

If you are not confident about your English writing skills, try article writing in Sinhala. There are many companies out there that publish articles in Sinhala.

Facebook Post Writer (Sinhala and English.)

Responsibilities of Facebook post writers includes creating captions for promotional Facebook posts for companies and creating educational posts for groups.


If you have a marketing background or have good sales skills, you will make a good copywriter. Copywriting includes creating ad copies, email copies, web copies and marketing taglines etc.

Creative Writer 

Many companies look for creative writers for different types of creative projects, including video scriptwriting, brochure and flyer writing, caption writing for social media, and book writing etc.

Technical Content Writer 

Under technical writing comes business profile writing, business plan writing, report writing, assignment writing, and more. If you lack creative skills and writing experience, technical writing is great to start your content writing venture with. 

Content Writer Jobs in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, there are plenty of opportunities for content writers, especially around Colombo. Mainly there are 3 types of content writing jobs available. They are,

1. Full Time Writing Jobs

If you like to do content writing full time, you can join a company or a digital marketing agency and enjoy the benefits of a full-time job. There are companies out there who hire interns – A good opportunity if you are a beginner and need some experience. 

2. Part-Time Writing Jobs

Startups are often looking for part-time content writers for their projects. Usually, you will have to work for them for an agreed number of hours per work. Part-time writing jobs are ideal for students who like to make some income as this option give you flexibility and the ability to work remotely.  

3. Freelance Writing Jobs

If you would like to do your own thing and make your own hustle, you can take on freelance writing gigs. You can join a freelancing platform like Upwork or Fiverr or find freelance clients on your own. For this, you will need good marketing and business skills.

Content Writer Salary in Sri Lanka

Like any industry, the content creation industry also comes with a wide salary range.

Experience, skills, job responsibilities often decide the salary of a content writer. The average salary of a content writer can range between LKR 30000- LKR 90000.

If you are not interested in a full-time position, you will have to learn about the charges and pricing models of content writers to make your service attractive and get good profits.

Tips to Become a Content Writer in Sri Lanka

Learn what content writer is and what they do. Have a good understanding of their job description, so you know what to expect from your clients.

Get specialize in a niche. Do you want to be an article writer or a copywriter? What are the industries you want to work in?

Focus on gaining experience rather than profits at first. No one will be willing to pay you bundles for someone who doesn’t have much experience.

Work on your communication, researching, marketing, negotiating skills.

Don’t give up. It will take time and effort to get to a point where you get constant work and make good money. So be patient. 

Take Away

Content writing is a valuable skill that has a lot of demand in the market. With the rise of digital marketing in the post-pandemic world, companies and marketers understand the importance of content for brands better than ever. So why not try your luck in content writing. 

We wish you all the best.

We are also looking for talented part-time writers to join our team. If you are a talented writer who values quality and punctuality and have a good work ethic, we would love to hear from you. Just say Hi.

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