Part-Time Content Writing Jobs in Sri Lanka

Part-Time Content Writing Jobs in Sri Lanka

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Part-time content writing jobs in Sri Lanka are a great way to work from home and earn a side income.

With the rising demand for high-quality content, there are many job opportunities for part-time writers on the internet.  

But finding a good part-time content writing job in Sri Lanka is not the easiest.

Whether you have experience in content writing or not, you have the chance to enter the industry if you are willing to learn and improve yourself.

In this article, we share what it takes to become a content writer and how to land a part-time content writing job in Sri Lanka.

What is a part-time content writing job in Sri Lanka?

A part-time content writer is a writer who works fewer hours each workweek than the company he or she works for considers full-time employment. 

However, there is no standard number of hours per week that are legally recognized as full-time or part-time work.

So it’s usually the employer who will decide if the job role is considered full-time or part-time.

In some companies, part-time content writers are hired on a project basis, while others will have long-term relationships with their writers. 

Often, students, stay-at-home mums, retirees, and other people who can’t or do not want to commit to full-time employment are interested in part-time writing gigs.

There are many types of part-time content writing jobs in Sri Lanka. This includes, 

▪️ Part-time content writers 

▪️ Part-time article writers

▪️ Part-time SEO writers 

▪️ Part-time assignment writers 

Keep in mind that part-time content writing jobs in Sri Lanka can open doors to full-time opportunities in companies, especially if you are working with new startups that are looking for good talent to join their teams.

So if you show your colours during your time as a part-time worker at a company, there is a chance that it might take you a long way. 

Responsibilities of a part-time content writer job in Sri Lanka

▪️ Research topic ideas and industry-related subjects.

▪️ Pitching content ideas/article topics.

▪️ Create quality and concise content that appeals to the target audience.

▪️ Work with different writing styles to suit different marketing materials. 

▪️ Proofreading, editing and revising the written content. 

▪️ Send work to editors for feedback and approval.

▪️ Work with marketing and design teams to improve marketing campaigns.

▪️ Conduct competitor analysis to identify industry trends and content gaps and propose new content ideas. 

▪️ Conduct simple keyword analysis and follow SEO guidelines.

Requirements for a part-timer content writing job in Sri Lanka 

▪️ Work experience as a Content Writer, Copywriter, or a comparable job is required.

▪️ Experience conducting research from numerous sources.

▪️ Portfolio of published publications.

▪️ Knowledge of web publications.

▪️ Excellent English writing and editing skills. 

▪️ Understanding of online content and SEO.

▪️ Practical expertise in Content Management Systems.

▪️ Ability to meet deadlines.

What Makes a Good Content Writer?

A good content writer should be able to understand the audience and the client’s expectations and deliver high-quality content to fit the company’s goals.

Good research skills, writing skills, SEO skills, and time management skills are important for a content writer. 

They should have the ability to break down complex topics in a simple language and effectively deliver the message.

Another must-have quality of a content writer is punctuality. Apart from that, SEO knowledge and digital marketing knowledge can be helpful. 

Who does a part-time content writer in Sri Lanka work with?

Usually, you will work with a member of the marketing team or the website management team.

Often you will get the point of content for each project. This can be a marketer, web designer, SEO person or digital marketer.

Sometimes you will have to work directly with top senior management and get their ideas and feedback.

You will have to collaborate with different teams based on the project you are involved with. 

3 Must-have Skills of a Content Writer in Sri Lanka

Ability to switch between different writing styles

Different content types require different writing styles. You can’t write a web copy using the same writing style you use for a blog article.

Blogging should be informative, engaging and approachable. On the other hand, news articles are written in AP fashion, with brief, informative paragraphs.

Writing an ad copy requires a catchy and convincing writing style. The more you are familiar with different writing styles, the more valuable you are to a company. 

Do original content

Every content you create should be unique. But keep in mind that plagiarism-free doesn’t mean original work.

Often many writers take content from another resource and tweak words and sentences and here they are there without delivering original work.

If you want to become a writer with a good reputation and land high-paying part-time content writer jobs, this is something you must avoid at all times.

Because although it may fool some clients, the ones who know the industry well and have experience working with other writers will notice copy-pasted content right away. 

Every skilled writer adds a unique voice, and different perspectives, and sheds new light on a common topic. 

Experience with SEO, HTML, CSS and WordPress.

These will help you get along with marketing teams well and deliver more value to your clients.

No need to panic if you don’t know any of these. You can always learn about them online.

You will only need basic knowledge and skills in HTML, CSS, and WordPress to get started.

However, you need to have good knowledge of SEO to become a highly paid content writer in Sri Lanka. You will have to be aware of the ever-changing search engine algorithms and SEO trends.  

So make efforts to protect your reputation and career.

How to land a part-time content writer job in Sri Lanka?

Apart from being able to write, you need a few more things if you want to get a job as a part-time content writer in Sri Lanka. They are,

▪️ Writer Portfolio

▪️ A laptop or desktop

▪️ Good internet connection 

▪️ Microsoft Word/ Google Word 

▪️ A planner to track invoice dates and project deadlines.

▪️ Whatsapp /tool for video conferences.

Creating a portfolio 

A good portfolio is the best way to showcase your work. A portfolio should demonstrate your writing abilities and skills in a variety of areas.

You will need at least 3-5 samples in your portfolio for each type of content writing service you offer.

For this, you can include some of your previous work with the client’s permission. If you are looking for your very first writing job, you can create some content to your liking.

If you are an article writer, you can publish your work on LinkedIn or Medium. 

The key here is to have content written for a few niches. 

Helpful Tools for a part-time content writer in Sri Lanka 

The right tools will make your work easy and effective. And you will be able to work fast and save time to take on more work.

Let’s look at some of the most important tools every part-time content writer should have. 

Writing/ Editing Tools

Microsoft Word/ Google Doc

Clients often will ask for the drafts in MS Word files or a google Doc document. So be familiar with both of them. Some will prefer Google Doc over MS word. Since Google word shows real-time updates done to a document, you will be able to get the whole team onboard and review your content. 

Tip- Make sure to name your documents properly before sharing them with the client. 


It’s easy to miss a comma and make a spelling mistake even if you proofread it multiple times.

Grammarly checks for spelling, grammar, and sentence structure in your work. It offers both free and premium versions.

You can add it to your browser as an extension which works on Google Docs. Or you can check your work from your account.

Basic functionalities are available in the free version, while the premium version includes extra features. 

Hemingway Editor

Good content is clear, concise and, most importantly, easy to understand. The effectiveness of the content is mainly affected by the readability of the content.

The Hemingway App allows you to create your content at the language level your audience will understand.

The tool assists you in communicating more effectively by cleaning up your draft so you have simpler wording that readers can understand easily. 

Word / Character Counter

Whether you are charging for the word count or not, this tool is important.

 A word counter tool will help you count words in a text. When you want to count the characters, you can use a character counter.

For this, you can use an online tool or the feature that comes with MS Office and Google docs. 

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Headlines make the first impression of an article. So it’s critical that you nail them.

This tool evaluates your headlines and gives you an analysis, and calculates their effectiveness. 

The tool evaluates word count, emotive and power words, word balance, character length and more. 

HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator

It gets difficult to come up with new topic ideas on a regular basis when you have to produce content in the same niche for months.

HubSpot’s great content generation tool assists you in finding relevant blog post ideas in your field.

With the tool, you get 5 blog topic ideas when you enter the keywords you want in your blog title. It is also an excellent tool for increasing your productivity as a writer.

Communication tools


It enables unified cloud video conferencing, easy online meetings, and group chat from a single platform.

This is a great tool to use when hosting online meetings. Many local companies expect their part-time content writers in Sri Lanka to be familiar with Zoom. Google Meet is another such tool many companies use to communicate with their writers.


Skype is not a very popular tool for video conferencing anymore, but some clients still like to use Skype for communication.

The platform is suitable for both local and international voice and video chats. It is free and can be used with a WIFI connection. 

Collaboration tools


This is a collaboration tool that you might want to get familiar with.

This brings team members together in a project and enables easy file sharing, real-time chatting and calls. This has replaced emails for many companies, which are annoying and bulky. 

Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to store, share, and download files with your team and clients. Clients use this tool to share documents that are too large to share via email.

The tool is accessible via mobile devices. This means you can access documents and files shared by your customers anytime, anywhere.

Keep in this that there are many other tools that can help you with your work. These are only a few, but they will help you jump-start your career as a part-time content writer in Sri Lanka. 

Becoming a Highly-Paid Part-Time Content Writer in Sri Lanka

You can land better-paying part-time writer jobs in Sri Lanka if you improve your writing skills. There are many part-time writing job opportunities out there, but many of them pay very little. 

So make sure to read and learn about content writing and SEO content to improve your value as a content writer.

A successful writing career will need strong writing skills along with marketing knowledge.

The good news is there are so many blogs, YouTube videos and other resources that will help you improve your knowledge.  

Training Programs for Part-Time Content Writers in Sri Lanka

For those who are looking for more organized programs to improve their knowledge, here are some of the websites that offer content writing courses. 


Skillshare will cost you money as it has a premium version. But you get a 14-day free trial period. You can take this to your advantage and learn from their best content writing teachers.

There are also many more courses related to SEO, marketing and business, which you might want to check out. 


Udemy is one of the best platforms known for online courses. They provide both free and paid writing, content marketing, and SEO-related courses. 

HubSpot’s Content Marketing Certification Course

HubSpot is known for its quality programs. The most appropriate course they have for content writers is their content marketing certification course.

The course will have several modules and is a few hours long. At the end of the course, you will have to take a test. Once passed, you will get your digital certification.  

How to find part-time content writer jobs in Sri Lanka? 

There are several ways to find writing jobs. You can directly reach out to companies or apply for part-time content writer gigs and posts on websites on social media.

Here are things you can do to find part-time writer jobs in Sri Lanka 

▪️ Create a LinkedIn profile and maintain and build connections with potential clients. 

▪️ Find the contact information of bloggers, entrepreneurs, companies, small businesses and startups and cold pitch them.  

▪️ Apply for remote, part-time or freelance writer vacancies found on Google and LinkedIn. 

▪️ Network with other freelancers and content writers. 

▪️ Use your social media to spread the word about your writing services. 

▪️ Join Facebook groups for freelancers and content writers. 

▪️ Ask for referrals from old customers. 

▪️ Join a content writing service or a content writing agency like Snappy Script

How does a part-time writing job work? 

▪️ Apply for a part-time writing job posting. Make sure they are looking for part-time writers.

▪️ Once the client responds back, provide the details they request. This can range from more samples, rates, other service details and terms, turnaround time, revisions offered etc.

▪️ Send a sample as per the guidelines if they request one. This can be free or paid. Be sure to get clarity about that before you start to avoid unpleasant surprises later.

▪️ Get the project brief and other details.

▪️ Negotiate the rates and provide a quotation for the project.

▪️ Sign the agreements and NDA (Not all clients will expect this.)

▪️ Create the content, edit and proofread it and deliver the first draft. 

▪️ Revise the content if the client needs any changes.

▪️ Share the invoice and get paid for the work.

Part-time Content Writing Jobs in Sri Lanka

We at Snappy Script are on the hunt for talented writers who can work with us on a part-time basis. We are looking for content writers, news articles, article writers, web content writers and company profile writers,

We are looking for fast learners who have a talent for writing. We like working with people who understand the difference between plagiarism-free and original content.

If you have experience in tech-related niches and tourism even better.

We don’t mind working with a writer with no experience in content writing if they have the talent. We have editors and content experts who will help you pick up the ropes. 

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