Creative Content Writer in Sri Lanka

Hiring A Creative Content Writer in Sri Lanka

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A creative content writer in Sri Lanka can help your brand create content that is informative, entertaining and inspiring. They are essential for any company and can add tremendous value to their business.

In this article, we cover what is a creative writer, what they do and how you can find one for your brand. 

What is Creative Content writing?

Creative content writing encompasses a variety of writing techniques that require imagination and uniqueness.

Unlike professional and academic writing, creative writing is more on the creative side.

Such content focuses on sharing information along with the thoughts, opinions, or ideas of the writer. Creative material is both innovative and entertaining.

This writing style is quite free-flowing, which keeps the reader interested. It allows the writer to communicate emotions or build an image in the reader’s imagination with the right words.

For many, Poetry, fiction, music, and plays come to mind when thinking about creative content.

However, creative writing is now often used to write blogs and social media content and even e-books. 

What is a creative content writer in Sri Lanka? 

A creative content writer can be any writer who writes creative content. Novelists, poets, short story writers to playwriters fall under this category. 

However, with the rise of competition in the marketing arena for many industries, the definition of the role of a creative content writer has broadened. More and more companies get help from creative content writers with their campaigns.

So today, creative content writers in Sri Lanka can also be someone who writes blogs, printed/digital ads, articles, magazine articles, handbooks and so on. 

The role of creative content writer in Sri Lanka in digital marketing 

The role of a creative content writer in the marketing industry is more massive than it was ever before. With the rising competition among companies, everyone is competing for the attention of their audience. 

Digital platforms have made things all the more difficult for businesses. People are bombarded with new information everyday through the Internet and social media, which has shortened the attention span of people.

On the other hand, consumer behaviours and expectations have changed drastically in the information age.

A good creative content writer in Sri Lanka can help you with tackling these challenges, and here’s how.


Creativity is essential to grab the eye of viewers instantly.

Creative content writers in Sri Lanka can help brands add that creative flair to their marketing efforts.

They can help your marketing teams with creating different marketing materials, from web content, ad copywriting, social media ads, and social media posts to articles.


Digital marketing demands creative content regularly.

However, original ideas are hard to come by then you are producing lots of content weekly.

Thus, creative writers can help you brainstorm new ideas and new perspectives to approach your audience in a unique way. 


Creative content writers can write to entertain their audience. So they will use their skills to persuade readers with compelling content.

A good story and narration will take any boring content to something much more interesting to read. Which is crucial if you want to keep your viewer longer on your marketing material. 


A cohesive and well-thought-out buyer’s journey is important to sell any product or service.

Creative content writers can help you create a one-of-a-kind experience for your readers and viewers through the right words, ideas and order. 

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SEO Content Writing vs Creative content writing 

At first look, these two writing styles appear to be extremely similar. Yes, they have certain commonalities, but they also have significant distinctions. 


One of the most significant distinctions is that SEO content writing starts with SEO in mind, while creative writing prioritizes expressing ideas creatively. 

SEO content pays more attention to making sure that the content is SEO friendly.

This type of content focuses on driving organized traffic to a specific online destination (website, landing page etc.) with the help of search engines.

SEO writers have to work around the right keywords.

They will also have to make sure of creative, effective content layouts to appeal more to search engines. 

Creative content writers don’t have to think about any of these. Their work’s sole purpose is to get the attention of the viewer with a creative idea. 

However, creative writing is often used in SEO content writing too.

Here the creative aspect always takes the back seat as the main focus of SEO content is to meet the necessary SEO criteria – So it meets the standards demanded by Search Engines. 

Words used

SEO content writers will have to work with word limitations and be careful about the word they choose to express their ideas.

They have to make sure the right keywords are used appropriately at the same time, not to exceed the right keyword density.

They have to be careful about using the same word again and again, as search engines don’t like it. 

On the other hand, creative content writers, again, don’t have to worry about any of these. 

Point of view

With creative content writing, you are free to add your own personal thoughts, ideas and perspective to your piece. You can discuss even controversial topics, and there are no limits to your expressions. 

With SEO content writing, you are expected to set your bias aside and base your work on research and facts.

But this is not a rule.

Anyone can express their personal ideas and opinions even with SEO content. But you won’t see it in many of the SEO content as they are creative to appeal to a vast audience. 

Hiring a creative content writer in Sri Lanka?

When you are selecting a creative content writer for your next job, make sure to check their experience – Especially if the content is used for a marketing campaign. 

Creative skills alone can make effective content.

Each piece of content you create should resonate with your audience and influence them to take the intended actions. 

So, for example, if you are looking for a creative content writer in Sri Lanka to create some social media content, be sure that they are familiar with social media content creation. 

Hiring a creative content writer with a background in marketing or marketing writing will give you that extra guarantee that your content turned out to be great. 

Here are a few things to check when hiring creative content writers to create marketing materials.

Their experience in working on marketing-related projects.

Their expertise in identifying and understanding different audiences and their pain points. 

Their ability to switch between different writing styles. 

Their ability to combine creativity and marketing goals to deliver the message effectively. 

Their professionalism in communication

Their flexibility with regard to revisions

Their ability to meet deadlines

Their knowledge in SEO writing (If you have SEO goals) 

You can read our blog article to learn more about hiring content writers in Sri Lanka here to get it the right time. 

Creative content writers in Sri Lanka

In today’s world, every business needs a creative content writer. The business landscape is changing ever so fast, and you need all the help you can get to stay ahead of the game.

You can always hire an in-house content writer, but if that is a commitment you are not ready for yet, you can always find a freelance creative content writer in Sri Lanka.

At Snappy Script, we help businesses with their creative marketing content on a project basis.

And we know our SEO.

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