5 Signs you should consider outsourcing your blog content writing

5 Signs you should consider outsourcing your blog content writing

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But running a business+ a blog is a lot of work.
Researching, creating and formatting new content, promoting and publishing your blog posts, responding to your readers and comments, managing your business operations …. and there is another dozen, maybe hundreds of little tasks.
It’s hard for anyone to manage all these tasks within the 24 hours he or she has. Larger your business grows the worst the situation becomes. Maybe it’s time for you to outsource your blog( at least some of the tasks) and save more time to spend on growing your business.
Content creation is one of the main tasks you can start outsourcing your blog with if you need to reduce the weight on your shoulders-but how to know if it’s the time to outsource your content creation? Here, I’ve put together 5 signs you should consider outsourcing your content writing.

You think anyone can make good content.

You believe in this means, you are not creating engaging and quality content. A good blog post has to grab the reader’s attention from the first line. And should continue being informative and entertaining at the same time while showcasing your brand voice.
To do this, you need a lot of practice and experience. Your articles have to stand out from the thousands and thousands of pieces online being special-which means you need someone special to create them.

You can’t get it done.

You find writing a blog post is tedious and boring.
You spend a lot of hours writing a blog post and stop when you feel bored. Then, new tasks appear, you forget about the blog post so that unfinished piece sits there for few weeks because you are a perfectionist or a procrastinator.
Either way, if you too have such a problem it’s time for you to consider outsourcing your content writing.

You lack supplementary skills

Blog posts writing isn’t just writing. It is marketing. Content marketing, to be more specific.
To write a blog post that brings you business, needs a lot of content marketing skills such as keyword researching, finding reliable sources, crafting click-worthy titles, understanding the language of your audience and more.
You may be a digital marketer or a SEO specialist who familiar with most of the above-mentioned skills, yet don’t you know how to use those skills in creating content to attract readers, do you?

Irregular posting habits

You are busy managing your other business tasks. So, it’s hard for you to find time to update your blog post on a regular basis.
Search engines like Google reward blogs for new, engaging content. If your blog posts aren’t consistent or don’t target your customers well, you’re going to start losing ground to competitors who blog more consistently.

Low engagement

If people don’t visit your blog, you are doing something wrong. Maybe it’s insufficient promotions or boring articles. Maybe it’s poor SEO.No matter the reason behind this, your competitors are the people benefit from this. So you have to hurry and figure out what’s wrong.
If your blog posts don’t receive a lot of traffic even your SEO is good and you promote your blog posts well, it might be time to outsource your blog content writing.
Though it’s easy to find the right time to outsource your content writing with these signs, finding the right person to write for your blog can be tricky – as you have to find someone who understands your business values and your brand voice.
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