5 Places To Look For A Freelance Content Writer In Sri Lanka

Content Writing Freelancers in Sri Lanka for Hire

5 Places To Look For A Freelance Content Writer In Sri Lanka

freelance content writer in sri lanka

Finding a freelance good content writer in Sri Lanka will require hours of  browsing through the internet and hours of reserching. If you are on the lookout for hiring a freelance content writer in Sri Lanka who can become your content warrior, we got you covered so you can save your time.

5 Places To Look For A Freelance Content Writer In Sri Lanka

Who is a freelance content writer?

Selling your brand story in an intriguing approach is a one key success factor of any venture to shoot high. Thus the next thing you have to do is finding a brilliant person who is thousands of times strong in playing the game with words.

The best option you have is hiring a professional freelance writing expert to roll out your content strategy on behalf of you.

In a nutshell, a freelance content writer is a professional writer who is self-employed. Usually, they work with several clients simultaneously since they are independent. Most of the freelance writers work remotely at the comfort of their home office and work on their own hours, day or night.

Freelance writers are often seasoned marketers and budding business owners who can work under minimum supervision.

Reasons to work with a professional content writer in Sri Lanka?

Whether you are a business owner or a digital marketing or a web designing agency, finding a good freelance content writer in Sri Lanka can be beneficial in several ways and here is how.

•Low cost

Unlike hiring an in-house writer or a content writing agency to create your content, hiring a freelance content writer in Sri Lanka will cost you a lot less.

Because you don’t have to bother about investing in a new computer and a workspace or about the high content writing costs of agencies.

On the other hand, as freelance writers work from home, they can offer you a very reasonable service charge. So, it’s possible for them to offer you more affordable rates for high-quality work.


Freelance writers accumulate a lot of experience in working with several businesses across a diverse sphere both locally and globally.

They get work only if they perform well, so freelancers always come with a proven track record. Meaning they are extremely specialised in content creating and experts in what they do with an extensive knowledge of how to address different markets in various industries.


A writer chooses a freelancing lifestyle mainly because of the flexibility it offers.

With this, you’ll be able to order content even on weekends and holidays when you want to get your content out there in the peak days during the peak hours.

Plus, you’ll be able to request urgent deliveries and freelancers are usually okay with tight-deadlines since they can manage them with the freedom of flexibility they have. Though you will have to spend some extra bucks for such urgent delivery requests, still you can get your work done on time.

•Fast delivery

Freelance writers don’t receive a fixed salary so they know that “work fast- finish a project -move to the next” is the best way to generate more revenue.

So, you don’t have to wait for weeks until you get your content! You’ll receive your content within a few days of time depending on the length of the content.


You might be a pro in the industry you work in and the one who knows your business inside out. But it’s important to remember that your clients aren’t any of these.

When you have someone outside, you’ll get a fresh pair of eyes that will see things differently. This will help you identify what your customers will understand and what won’t in order to find ways to break complex concepts down into simpler and more digestive formats in creative ways.

Freelancers can push your ideas to the spotlight in a novel way and open your eyes to new directions.


With freelance writers, you don’t have to waste your time and resources on training and development programs till they are ready and supervise afterwards at each step.

They are used to work solo and know the work parameters and how to meet clients’ expectations. Hiring a freelancer is simply hiring an expert!
They are wordsmiths cum multi-taskers.

•Know what they do

Among them all, the number one benefit you can gain working with a freelance content writer in Sri Lanka is that they know the process from A to Z.

From researching for a copy to formatting to amending for SEO needs, a good writer knows the best tips and tricks. They will help you create an on-point, powerful copy to help you communicate your message in a compelling and effective manner.

How to find a good freelance content writer in Sri Lanka?

Ending up receiving content which is not up to your level of expectation is a nightmare as you are well aware of the extra work, effort, money and time you have to dedicate to get the job done right again… especially if you have tight deadlines and a budget.

This is why hiring a good freelance content writer in Sri Lanka for your content writing projects is a must.

Yet finding the right one among the thousands of content writers can be an overwhelming and doubtful task.

To help you pick up a good content creator for your next project with much more confidence, here I’ve put together a couple of things you should keep in mind whenever you are hiring a freelance content writer in Sri Lanka.

•One who specializes in something is better than ones who know titbits from everything

You might think writing is the same whether it’s an advertisement or a web copy.
It’s the same language and the same words.

Just different formats.


For instance, I’m good at writing blog posts and web content but writing ad copies is not my thing.
So, if you want content for your upcoming website, start looking for a website content writer in Sri Lanka. If you want to produce content for a killer TV advertisement search for a ‘pro’ in writing content for TV advertisements.

Hiring an expert writer in the respective field is much more important than hiring a generic writer.

•Check out previous work

When you are looking for a content writer in Sri Lanka, the best way to get a good idea about the writer you are going to work with is to look at his or her previous write-ups.

Check out at least three or more writing samples before hiring the writer. So you know is he/she is the right writer who can write well for you.

•Rates, terms and conditions

This is important!
Whenever you contact a content writer for the very first time, don’t just ask him to send the details and the procedure. Specifically, request him to send three or more writing samples, his rates and working terms and conditions.

Also, learn about the ways of accepting payments and when you have to pay for the service exactly.

Having a good understanding of the procedure and service charges of a particular freelance content writer, helps you find the best freelance writer that matches your unique business standards easily.

•Communication plan

The key to receiving a good content that satisfies your requirements needs effective communication. So, it’s important to ask your freelance writer about their preferred way of communication before you start.

Some freelance content writers (like me) offer email, phone and Skype communication only, and for those who prefer to meet their writer in person, writers like us are not the best fit.

•Cheap is always cheap
If you throw peanuts you will get monkeys!

Don’t make the rate the number one factor when selecting a content writer in Sri Lanka, if you are really after quality. Because what is cheap in price is always cheap in quality.

If the writer lacks experience, punctuality and ability to follow instructions properly, what you spend will be a total waste.

Today, you’ll find many to choose from when it comes to hiring a freelance writer based in Sri Lanka than it used to be sometimes ago.
If you know what to look for, where to look for finding the right one is not going to be so hard.

Where to find a good freelance content writer in Sri Lanka?

Once you find the answer to how to identify a good content writer in Sri Lanka, the next question pops is where to find one.

Here are 5 places to look for a good freelance content writer in Sri Lanka. So you can find the skilled, experienced, credible and trustworthy writer within your budget without any hassle.

1.Freelancing websites

Freelancing websites are great places to find content writers in Sri Lanka, especially if you are on a limited budget. With location filters, freelancing websites will help you find good writers near you.

Most of these websites will show freelancers’ profiles along with their rates and allow you to search by the type of content. (e.g. – Article writing)

But keep in mind finding quality and unique content from content mills or freelancing websites is not that easy though every writer mention “unique and quality content’ in their profile. So make sure to do a thorough research on the writers you come across in freelancing websites before assigning any project.

Below are a few tips to a find a good content writer in Sri Lanka from freelancing websites.

•Profile picture

It’s important to know who you are working with especially when you outsource projects online.

Therefore, look for profiles with a quality photo of the person.

This doesn’t mean that the photo should be always DSLR quality. Make sure that you can see the face clearly. Because profile photos with sunglasses on or no clear face mean that the person lacks professionalism and don’t take what he or she does seriously.

•Read the entire profile

Take a look at the profile of the writer and see what you can guess about the person and his or her service.
If it’s empty or only has one or two sentences… well, never even bother considering further about the person.

• Does the profile have a good title? If the writer doesn’t have a good title in the profile how can you be sure that he will create a good title for your content?
• Does the description include the years of experience and their speciality?
• Does it mention the values they will bring to the table?

•Sample work

Do you see any sample write-ups or related links on the profile?

If not make sure to request some samples before you hire content writers from freelancing websites. Check whether if the writer agrees to start with a small free sample to make sure that the writer possesses the talent and skills to cater to your content needs and standards.


There is always a better chance that an experienced writer will do a better job than a newbie. Go through his or her reviews and check the previous client satisfactory rates so you can enjoy a hassle-free professional service.

Here are some reliable freelancing websites you can use to find a content writer in Sri Lanka.

You can experience quick content deliveries with content writers in freelance websites. Yet make sure to check the originality and quality of the content before you pay for the job to make sure that you’ve received the right value for your money.

For this, you can use plagiarism checkers like Grammarly, PlagScan, DuliChceker and Plagium. All you have to do is copy paste the content to the site and you’ll be provided with a plagiarism report within minutes.

2. Google search

As we all know, Google is the best place to find anything anytime. Just type and search and you’ll get hundreds of search results.
Use keywords like “Content writers in Sri Lanka”.

Or be more specific with the content type you need using “Website content writers in Sri Lanka “or “Sinhala Article Writers in Sri Lanka”.

Most of the time you’ll find more of content writer jobs opportunities in Sri Lanka than writers as most of the content writers in Sri Lanka still have no strong online presence. This is why you should never end your hunt after viewing the first page of the search result.

3.Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are perfect places to continue your freelance writer hunt to find your freelance writer. Because you can find individual writer profiles more often on social media platforms than in Google.

•How to search on Facebook for Content Writers in Sri Lanka?

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in Sri Lanka. This increases the chances for you to find the content creating unicorn you are looking for. Start your search with the right keywords and hashtags.

Most of the times you won’t get satisfying results for hashtags like #contentwriterinsrilanka. Which is why you should keep in mind to use keywords combinations like #contentwriter + #srilanka.

Also, go search relevant Facebook groups and go through the conversations and discussions.

To find such conversations related to freelance writing, use the search bar on the left sidebar of the group page and type the keywords to filter conversations.

•How to find content writers in Sri Lanka via LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is another ideal social media platform that will help you find a good writer to get your job done.
Type content writer on LinkedIn and search for people.

With the several distinguished filters, LinkedIn offers you, finding a writer for your project via LinkedIn is super easy.
For an example, you can use the location filter to add Sri Lanka as the location, so the search result will only show people from Sri Lanka and the company filter that let you tick freelancing and self-employed options would also be helpful.

To find a good writer, make sure to ignore all the profiles that have no more than 50 connections, a profile picture and enough information. Because reliability matters.

•How to find a good content writer in Sri Lanka via Twitter?

Twitter is another social media platform you can expand your freelance writer search to. Use the right keywords combinations such as “ #writer + #srilanka “to find the latest tweets and profiles related to writing on Twitter.

4. Job listing

If you want to attract more professionals and you don’t have time for hours of searching, publishing a job post in a job listing site is the best option for you.

•Find a good job listing site

With a number of job listing websites in Sri Lanka such as Top Jobs, Ikman jobs and Xpress Jobs etc., finding a freelance content writer won’t be difficult. But the problem, in this case, is not how to find a job listing site in Sri Lanka but how to find a good site with a good reputation.

Here’s the reason; only quality job listing websites attract quality writers.

To get the best content writers in Sri Lanka to reach your ad, your go-to move should be publishing your ad on a job listing website.
When selecting a job listing website, you can consider websites that are not free for the applicants. This way you can find quality writers who are serious about what they are looking for as they don’t want to waste the monthly subscription fee they pay for the website for nothing.

•Create a good ad

Once you select a job listing website, create a good advertisement.

This doesn’t mean you have to pay for a graphic designer to create a fine design and hire an ad copywriter to write the ad copy.
All that you have to do is clearly stating your requirements you look for this position. You should mention the number of years of writing experience you expect from the writer, skills and talents, whether you need writers who are familiar with SEO and platforms like WordPress… etc.

Also, make sure to mention all the responsibilities assigned to the position in order to get only the best fits to apply for the job. So the time you have to spend sorting through dozens of CVs will be saved.

•Bonus filter

When writing your description, add special instructions on how they should apply for the job. For an example, you can include something similar to,

Write “I’m the awesome content writer in Sri Lanka you’ve been looking for” in the email subject line to be considered.

Or else

Attach 3 writing samples to your email
These small yet effective things will help you cut down all the horrible writers from your applicant list.
Because paying attention to details and following instructions are important in creating a quality content to fit your client’s needs.

5.Ask your connections

Get the use of your Facebook friend list, LinkedIn connection and even your work colleagues for recommendations for good content writers in Sri Lanka.

Share a post asking for recommendations on Facebook and share the job description on LinkedIn and Twitter and you’ll be amazed by the results. The good thing about asking your connection help in finding a good writer is you’ll be able to start working with the writer right away with much more confident.

6.Right here

You can save the hassle and find a good content writer in Sri Lanka for your next project from right here.
Well, At Snappy Script we specialize in writing web copies, blog posts and social media content. We also help businesses with brochure content, case studies, eBooks, newsletters and more.

In case you are interested, you can learn more about our services here

Anyway, it’s just not us, there are plenty of freelance writers out there. So start your freelance writer hunt in the above places and find the right fit for your business and requirements.
Happy Freelance writer hunting!