4 Easy ways Sri Lankan businesses can get more clients from their blog

4 Easy ways Sri Lankan businesses can get more clients from their blog

Many businesses have embraced the new marketing trend of business blogging. Yet only a few reap satisfying results from it…

Are you someone about to forget about the money you spend on blogging as you can’t see any results?

Then hold on a sec, because in this post I’m sharing 4 easy ways your business can make blogging work for you. Meaning more customers and sales…

1.Don’t just address your clients’ problems, address better!

One of the main reason many Sri Lankan businesses don’t get results as they expect is because they all follow the law of ‘addressing your customers’ problem’.

Answering your customers’ questions, pain points, struggles and challenges related to your industry and your product can solve can help you paint a picture of a quality brand in the eye of your customers…Only if you answer better than your competitors.

Are you providing better, clearer and more informative answers to your blog post than your competitors do?

When creating blog posts be sure to add a value than your competitors do. Be more detailed with your blog posts and offer free advice, tips and tricks that work and practical actions they can take.

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2.Learn about SEO, not about Popular keywords

SEO is important as it helps you get more organic traffic from search engines like Google.

Many think that including some keywords alone can give you better results with SEO. So here’s how, many businesses in Sri Lanka optimise their blog posts for Search Engines.

Step 1 –Find Popular keywords

Step 2 –Use the keywords throughout the content

Step 3– Wait for results

Some stuff keywords to get results and get a ‘spam star’ from Google or Other doesn’t use enough and get neglected by the Search Engine crawler.

What many people don’t know is that there are many factors involved in SEO. From your website to the image you use in a blog post contribute to securing a higher spot in search Engines. So make sure to learn about other SEO practices you can use to get better results with your blog other than popular keywords.

3.Spend more time in the headline

Just creating a title is not enough these days to get someone to click your blog post. Here are 4 tips to make your blog post headline more attractive.

  • Accurate – Give your readers a clear idea of what the post is about
  • Emotional -Something that raises emotions
  • Believable -Avoid click baits and untruthful headlines
  • Brief -Something short and sweet

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4.Consider creating a distribution plan

Content distribution is as important as content creation. Why? Because praying for your prospects to find your content after publishing, isn’t going to spike your traffic.

In a world where new content gets published every second having an effective content distribution strategy in place is essential to get your content in front of the right audience.

When you are planning your content distribution strategy make sure to include these three basic channels.

  • Owned media – The channels that belong to you, where you control the content. Eg. Your blog, website, email newsletter, and social media profiles.
  • Earned media-  Others who share your content. Eg. Social media shares, guest posts, media coverage, and product reviews.
  • Paid media -The exposure you pay for. Eg. Pay-per-click ads, display ads, social ads…etc

Try these tips and find what works best for your brand. Hope this read will help you grow your readership, and ultimately help you achieve more of your content marketing goals.

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