20 Blog Post Ideas For Sri Lanka Tour Operators

20 Blog Post Ideas For Sri Lanka Tour Operators

20 Blog Post Ideas For Sri Lanka Tour Operators

Sometimes finding the right topic for your next blog post is one of the main reasons that have made tour operating companies in Sri Lanka inconsistent in blogging. To find a good topic it needs a lot of researching which takes a lot of time.

Thus, here I’ve listed some blog post ideas for tour operating businesses in Sri Lanka to help you cut down the hours of researching to find the right topic.


1. X reasons to plan your tour with ……………..(company name)
2. Lesser known places to visit in ……………………..(name of a city)
3. X travel tips to know before travelling Sri Lanka
4.Best time to visit Sri Lanka
5. X must things to do in your holiday in Sri Lanka
6. Why visit Sri Lanka for your next holiday?
7. The ultimate guide to …………………..(name of a city)
8. How to pack for your holiday in Sri Lanka?
9. Answer your FAQ’s
10. Compile a tour package link roundup
11. Start a weekly or monthly series (Eg. Place of the week)
12. Share the latest industry news
13. Write about a client story
14. Talk about a milestone of your company
15. Write about your company core values
16. Interesting experiences you’ll find only in Sri Lanka
17. Best ………………..(places/activities ) every …………………….. (person with a special interest or hobby. eg birder, adventurer, water sports lover, ) should enjoy in Sri Lanka
18. Blog about your popular tours
19. Share more details about the route of your most popular tour
20. Do an interview with one of your client

Blogging can be useful only if you do it regularly.

Yet many people miss out their editorial calendar with their busy schedules. When considering the benefits of blogging for a business this is a mistake you can’t afford to make. So be sure to reserve time to update your blog regularly next year.

For those who wish to experience the benefit of blogging without sacrificing time from your schedules there is another option; Outsourcing your blog post writing.

You will find a lot of good writers in Sri Lanka who will take care of creating content on your behalf. For the record, we offer blogging packages too. 😊