Why Sri Lankan businesses should start blogging now?

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Why Sri Lankan businesses should start blogging now?

Why Sri Lankan businesses should start blogging now?


For most of the businesses in Sri Lanka increasing their website traffic and online sales is a daunting task. Can you relate?

What if there is a tool that can easily drive you a load of highly targeted traffic and convert them into paying customers while positively affecting your SEO and positioning your brand as an industry leader.

The tool is a blog.

Simply put, a business blog can help you find more business and make more profit. But, ‘what is a blog and how it’s going to help my business get more sales?’ if these are the questions pops in your mind, keep reading this to find all the answers.

What is a blog?

A blog is a series of short content house in a website. Very similar to a newspaper full of articles. But, a blog has some differences than a newspaper such as

  • Has a specific topic while a newspaper covers a wide range of scope from recent crimes to ‘Washi Gurukan’.
  • Blog content is more conversational than newspaper content
  • Newspapers get old after a week maybe a day but blog posts never get old as long as it’s alive on your website.

These are not the only differences, but these will give you a clear idea on what is a blog.

How it’s going to help my business get more sales?

Blogs that can help you with your business is called a ‘business blog’. Business blogging is a modern marketing tactic that incorporates blogging to help your business to improve your online visibility. Meaning a business blog enables you to find new audiences and more customers in the online space directly leading you to increase in sales.

How Business Blogging Deliver You More Sales?


A blog can,

  • Improve your SEO helping you to rank high in Google search
  • Attract more highly targeted visitors to your website
  • Establish yourself as an Expert in Your Field
  • Build trust online
  • Improve your online identity
  • Help you collect emails

What can you write or publish in a business blog post?

Business blogging is completely different from other marketing content. So, it’s essential to learn about what type of content you can create for your blog. Mainly there are two main types of articles. They are,

News and Promotional Articles

Share the latest news about your business, achievements, new product launches… And of course, you can write about the latest industry news.

Educational articles

Share your knowledge and expertise in the industry. (Keep in mind these articles should not always be about your products.)There are many types of educational blog posts that you can use for your blog. Some of them are,

  • List posts
  • Collab posts
  • Case studies
  • Infographics
  • Round-up posts

Here is an example to show you what kind of things you can cover with your blog. Let’s assume you have a Real Estate business named ‘More Property’. Other than listing all the details about the property needed to be sold here are a few blog posts ideas for your blog for you attract more highly targeted visitors to your website.

Education Articles

  • Things you should keep in mind when. buying your first home
  • Guide to buy a two-story house of your dream.
  • How to find the perfect spot for your business?

News and Promotional Articles

  • ‘More Property’ proudly celebrated its 25th anniversary
  • Meet the new business manager of ‘More Property’ family
  • Here’s how Mr.X found his dream home with ’More Property’

Still here? Then, you must have a good idea about what is a ‘business blog’ and how it can help you get more business. Knowing what to do doesn’t going to get you in the game. So, it’s important to learn about ‘What not to do’ as well. Below is a list of few things you shouldn’t do in ‘business blogging’.

What not to do in business blogging?

  • No regular update in your blog –At least try to post a blog post/article once every week or two.
  • Publishing promotional content only-As I mentioned before, blogging is not about being pushy and trying hard to brag about your products and services in every sentence.
  • Sharing a blog post only one time in social media-If you want more traffic make sure to share your blog posts on social media more often. Use different captions and different images and share like crazy.
  • No value added content -Letting know about your products and services is a good thing. Because after all, that’s what we all are after. Yet, make sure to add quality and a value to your blog posts as well
  • Assigning your new intern or the person who do the most part of your business writing to create blog posts.-To get the maximum out of your every blog post, you need a professional. Someone who knows about blog writing style, keyword utilizing, creating headlines to get more social shares or better ranks in Google search..etc

Wrap up

The world is moving fast and people become less tolerable to pushy marketing methods day by day. Business blogging is a powerful non-pushy marketing solution that can attract highly targeted new audiences increasing your sales. It can be a low cost and long-term investment that can give you results continuously if you know the right way to do blogging. It can rank you high in Google search, attract new audiences, and generate more customers, build your authority in the industry and the list goes on and on… So why are you waiting for…Plan to start your business blog now.

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