May 2, 2017


Sri Lanka SEO Content Writing Services 

A powerful content can do wonders for your business.

If you don’t have the right words on your website, the small fortune you spend on your website and blog design will be a waste. At Snappy Script, I offer you high-quality SEO content writing services to help you find the best words that sell your services and products. Oh..!No idea who I am yet?Then, click the link to open my about page in the window and read it once you finish reading this.ūüôā¬†

In the online world, your content is the voice of your business, which is why every word on your website, social media profiles, blog and in your every marketing materials matters. If you are still relying on or planning on using copy-paste content from another similar website, you are out of luck, as content writing is not that simple anymore.

For a stronger online business presence and better results with your online marketing campaigns, you need fresh and strategic content every time.

Offering you high-quality  SEO content writing services, I help local and international businesses to find their unique voice to stand out from their competitors and build a better online authority while increasing their sales.

My SEO content writing services are not only to please Google but also to attract and engage your customers and potential buyers with your brand and walk them through paragraph by paragraph helping your visitors realize how amazing your product or service is….Which means more sales for you.¬†ūüėȬ†


SEO Content Writing Services

SEO Web Content Writing

If you couldn’t find the right words to tell your potential clients about your offer in your new website, no one will find it interesting no matter how awesome your offer is and your investment will be a waste.

My SEO web content writing will help you inform your target market and strategically convince them, how awesome your service or product is, without being ‘spammy’or ‘sale-y’.

Together, let’s show them how awesome your product¬†is¬†with the right words so you can make a profit from day one you step into the online business world.

Maybe it‚Äôs time for you to say ‘Bye Bye’¬†to your old web content and¬†refresh¬†your whole website with a new and shiny web copy.Either way, I’m here to help you.


My service includes,

  • A¬†deep research¬†on the topic
  • Easily¬†readable content¬†format
  • ¬†Eye-catchy¬†headline¬†
  • Error-free and plagiarism-free content
  • SEO content writing¬†
  • Two revision¬†sessions


Blog Post Writing

Blogging can help your business in many ways. A business blog can help you rank higher in Google search, get more traffic to your website, inform and educate your potential and existing customers, build business authority in your industry… The list goes on and on…¬†

If you are planning to start a blog for your business or updating your business blog regularly in this year, I’d love to help you make your blog sparkle.¬†


My blogging service includes,

  • A deep research on the topic
  • Awesome blog posts ideas(I Pitch ideas based on your industry, audience and marketing goals- if you don‚Äôt already have ideas)
  • Easily readable content format
  • ¬†Eye-catchy headline¬†
  • SEO content¬†writing¬†
  • Two revision sessions

Ready to boost your traffic, build a stronger brand and convert more readers to actually paying customers with some snappy blog posts?

Contact me below or learn how this going to work


Other Writing Services

Here are some of the other SEO content writing and other services I offer,

  • Social media content
  • Brochure Content
  • Newsletters
  • Product Reviews
  • E-books
  • Proofreading
  • Editing



Topics I enjoy writing 

Here are some of the industry I specialize in and I enjoy writing…

  • Digital Marketing

  • Tech

  • SaaS

  • Business

  • Travel

  • Real Estate

  • Fashion

  • E-commerce


Why me?

Because I’m a professional SEO content writer who does¬†freelance writing full-time.I have three years of experience in SEO content writing and I always look into ways to provide a top quality material.¬†

  • I‚Äôll do the research to provide your audience with the most accurate information.
  • I‚Äôll give your content a voice and a tone without making your readers bored.¬†
  • I‚Äôll make sure your content is Search Engine Optimized.¬†
  • I‚Äôll deliver it on the deadline.(I can also help with WordPress uploading if you need.)



Let’s transform more website visitors into customers!