Adhere AIDA And Receive More Sales With Your Web Copy

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Adhere AIDA And Receive More Sales With Your Web Copy

A website cannot do any good for your business. Unless… your website has a persuasive web copy that can seduce and influence your target market.

From driving traffic to delivering a strong sales message, a web copy can help your business gain more sales or paying customers. All you have to do is use the right words in the right place and you’ll be generating leads without even opening your mouth.

If you are wondering how to find the right words and how to know the right place for each one of them, this is where the world famous copywriter Gary Halbert’s proven AIDA formula comes to your salvage.

The formula basically helps you find your way through writing your web copy, making sure your words grab reader’s attention and keep them interested.

Let’s start with what is AIDA?

A-Attention- In this noisy digital world, getting the attention of the visitors within the first few second is essential. Here you can snag the prospects attention with eye catchy headlines and a powerful yet short introduction making him or her want to read further.

I-Interest- At this stage, you have to make them interested in your service or product by addressing their pain points and showing them how you can help them solve their problems to make their life better.

Here you should really focus on what your prospect need.

D-Desire- Once you arose your potential buyer’s interest, it’s time for you to let them know more about your product so everyone could know how awesome your service or product is. Here you can describe the benefits of your products/services, in brief, positioning your business as a unique brand standing out from your competitors.

In addition, this is where you should reduce any objections or doubts that might keep your potential buyers buying from you.

A-Action- After you blown away your prospect with the amazing benefits of your service/product, you should invite them to take actions. Encouraging them to take action can drastically increase your conversion rate. Here use a simple and clear call to action and make sure the words in your call to action resonate with your readers.

Take Away

Millions of businesses around the world losses customers because of the lack of poor wording of their web copy.

Are you receiving the maximum out of your web copy? Check your web content now and make sure it adheres AIDA. You are in luck if your copy follows AIDA. In case your web content has loose ends, don’t even think twice to hire a good web content writer in Sri Lanka and get your web copy done again.

Because a good web content writer will pay off his or her fee within no time by generating you more leads.

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