How to Write a Sri Lanka Tour Itinerary to Win More Guests

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How to Write a Sri Lanka Tour Itinerary to Win More Guests

Sri Lanka tour itinerary writing

If you want more and more guests to book your tours, you’ll have to find more effective ways to make your readers engage and influence their decision-making process.

Of course, you can do this with more visual content and your web design. Above them, lies your web copy, the most powerful buyer influencing tool after videos.

In this post, I’m sharing 7 tips to help you write a powerful tour itinerary copy for your website.


Avoid copy paste content

Though content from another website hardly effects negatively on SEO in this case, it definitely going to affect your brand image. Not to mention the legal problems that might arise due to the copyright issues. You don’t want to pay your web designer a fortune and make a negative impression on your visitors with plagiaristic content.

So, make sure to hire a good web content writer to get the maximum from your tour itinerary.(Here’s how to find a How to find a good freelance content writer in Sri Lanka?)

Create the picture for them

After all, a tour is an experience, not a product. Instead of giving them details and features of the tour, highlight the experience.

Tell them what exactly they will see and feel during the tour and create the scene in the eye of the reader.

Here’s an example

“Day 4

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Transfer to Habarana – 4 to 5 hours drive
  • In the afternoon we climb Sigiriya Rock Fortress which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Sigiriya Rock Fortress was built by King Kashyapa in the 5th century. Today you can witness the ruins of his castle on top of Sigiriya Rock, Swimming pools and gardens dotted with many ponds. This is an architectural marvel and one of the most photographed monuments.
  • Overnight stay in Cinnamon Lodge in Habarana”

What if the same content was written in a more interesting way, like this

“Wake up to a tropical breakfast and transfer to Habarana where thick jungle canopies hide exotic wildlife. In the afternoon get ready to count the stairs up to the Sigiriya Lion rock which gives you the illusion of a floating rock among the cloud over the jungle setting.

Be amazed by the magnificent frescoes, water gardens, pavilions and royal gardens. Once you reach the top enjoy the breath-taking panorama of the tropical landscapes that runs till your eyes can see.”

So is it the first or second more interesting to you?

Target who you target

All of your clients are not the same. Someone who books an adventure tour with you has almost opposite personality of a person who books one of your luxury tours.

So make sure each of your tour content and descriptions address the target persona. Write the tour content to resonate your targeted clients’ thoughts and their idea of a holiday instead of writing every tour in a general way.

Here are two examples to give you a clear idea of what I mean.

“Arrive at the Katunayake Bandaranaike airport and one of our representatives will welcome you to Sri Lanka. Hope on the vehicle to travel to Colombo and check-in at the Berjaya Hotel in Mt.Lavinia. Relaxing at the hotel after a long flight and begin your beautiful journey of your married life with an unforgettable tour in a beautiful destination. In the evening, enjoy a romantic dinner with your loved one in the candlelight opening a bottle of wine.

“Arrive at the airport and you’ll be welcomed by one of our representative at the arrival lobby. Then, hop into a comfortable vehicle and start your adventure, travelling to Kithulgala. Head to the camping site/hotel in Kithulgala and get ready to warm up the adventurer inside you with an exciting mountain biking adventure along the small trails. Return to the camp and enjoy a refreshing dinner.”

I’m sure you know which one is a description of an adventure tour.

Give enough details

Tell them enough information to help them decide is this the tour for them. The tour route, mode of transportation, when and where they will be on each day, where they will stay each night and what’s included in the tour and what’s exclude are few things you should include when you are writing your tour descriptions.

Consistent Tone

Maintaining a consistent tone or voice throughout the website can build a more professional brand image of your business in readers’ mind. If you are a tour company who like maintaining a professional relationship with your clients, make sure to use a professional writing style in your tour itinerary writing. If you are looking for a friendlier relationship with your clients, advice your tour itinerary writer to use a friendly tone when writing.

Most importantly make sure to be consistent with a specific writing style so you can maintain a beautiful flow.

Easy to read

Does your tour itinerary content have thick paragraphs and long sentences? Well, then there is a chance your tour itinerary can’t help you sell your tours as it supposed to be. Here’s why :

People look for easy to read and digest content on the internet and complex materials make them leave for another option.

Here are few ways to check whether your tour descriptions are easy to read or not

  • Most of the sentences are short and in simple English
  • Only have one or two passive voice sentences
  • There are only 3-4 sentences in one paragraph
  • Have used bullet points to highlight important points
  • Overall copy is easy to scan and understand

Write persuasively

Just creative writing can’t sell your tours -which is why you should know the right dose of marketing to add into your tour writing. Researchers have shown just by asking you can increase the reader’s engagement so use a strong call to action at the end of your tours and encourage them to take actions.

Make sure to keep these tips in your mind when you are writing or modifying your tour itinerary content next time for better results.