How to find a good freelance content writer in Sri Lanka?

Finding the right freelance writer in Sri Lanka for your SEO content writing task or for your flyer or advertisement writing task can be overwhelming, specially when you don’t have any idea about the freelance writer hiring process.

So, to help you select the right freelance writer for your next task with much more confident, here I’ve listed few things you should keep in mind whenever you are hiring a freelance writer in Sri Lanka.

BTW, if you are wondering, who am I to give you advice on this- I’m a full-time freelance writer in Sri Lanka with more than three years of writing experience.

One who specializes in something is better 

You might think writing is the same whether it’s an advertisement or a web copy. It’s the same language and the same words.

But ‘No’. It’s different.

For an example, I’m good at writing blog posts and web content but I suck at writing short contents such as ad copies.

So, if you want content for your upcoming website, start looking for a writer specializes in writing web content. If you want to produce content for a killer TV advertisement search for a ‘writing pro’ in writing content for advertisements.

Check previous work

The best way to get a good idea about the writer you are going to work with is to look at his or her previous write-ups. Always make sure to check at least three or more writing samples before you hire a freelance writer in Sri Lanka.

Rates, terms and conditions

This is important.

Whenever you contact a writer for the first time, don’t just ask them to send the details. Specifically, ask them to send three or more work they’ve done in the past, their rates and working terms and conditions. Also, learn about the ways they accept payments and when you have to pay for the service specifically.

By having a good understanding about the way a particular freelance writer works enables you to find the best freelance writer that matches your business standards.

Communication plan

To receive a good content that satisfies your requirements needs a good communication. So, it’s important to ask your freelance writer about their preferred way of communication before you start.

Some freelance writers in Sri Lanka (like me) only offer email, phone and Skype communication, and for those who prefer to meet their writer in person, writers like us are not the best fit.

Cheap is always cheap

Don’t make price or rate the main factor when selecting a freelance writer in Sri Lanka, if you are really after quality. Because, what is cheap in price is always cheap in quality.

If the writer lacks experience, punctuality and ability to follow the instructions properly, what you spend will be a total waste.

So, always make sure to hunt for the quality first and then consider the rates.

Now, you know what you should look for, to find a good a freelance writer next time.